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We support all of our pupils to be capable readers, writers, spellers and speakers, who can transfer their English skills to other subjects and who are prepared for the next steps in their learning.

We nurture them as eloquent and articulate speakers and writers, who use a wide and purposeful vocabulary. Children are inspired to write creatively and imaginatively through the study of carefully selected, quality texts and relevant contexts for writing.

For non-narrative genres, children are given purposeful contexts, which are linked to the whole school themes or subjects where appropriate.

We have high expectations of handwriting and presentation and ensure children apply their spelling, grammar and punctuation skills in all aspects of writing.

We encourage our children as readers, who select texts for purpose and pleasure. Books and reading are at the heart of our everything we do. Reading materials are built upon quality picture books, stimulating novels and non-fiction texts. This supports children on their journey from reading to writing.