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Aldwyn Primary School has an admissions limit of 60 pupils per class from Reception to Year 6. We follow the Tameside Local Authority Admissions Policy. Children will usually attend the nearest appropriate school for their home address. However, some parents may wish their children to attend a different school. Tameside Local Authority aim to comply with parental requests wherever space is available in the requested school.

Full information on school admission, including selection arrangements and over-subscription criteria, can be found in the Tameside Primary School Admission Arrangements section on the Tameside website. Reception admission, in year transfer and admissions to high school can be found on the Tameside Admissions website.

Tameside Admissions can be contacted by either method shown below:

0161 342 4068

For further information on in-year school transfers visit:

Nursery Admissions

We provide 24 full time places at our Nursery.  Nursery Applications are made directly to school. Application forms can be obtained from our School Office.